Transforming The Marketplace

Through Multiplying Business Owners and Professionals

Biblical Entrepreneurship

“We teach Christian values in all components of our ecosystem. Align your business with biblical principles.”

Structured Learning

“We offer quality learning materials through programs such as the C12 Group and Entrepreneurship Program.”

Entrepreneur Community

“We offer a strong entrepreneur community to all members in our ecosystem through peer advisory groups, coffee chats, etc.”


We offer a wide range of programs to suit every stage of your business.

Peer Advisory Group

CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable is a collaborative effort between The Encubator and The C12 Group, the largest Christian CEO organization in the US. We are the sole licensee of C12 in Malaysia and Singapore.


Entrepreneurship Program by Emmaus Business School (EBS)

The EBS is a 7-month program designed to produce Biblical Entrepreneurs. It highlights real world applications for kingdom truth and biblical principles.

Peer Advisory Group

Business Mentoring Program (BMP)

The BMP is a 12-month program that provides an environment for peer learning facilitated by an experienced Business Coach covering topics that are crucial in stewarding a business that will honor God.


Emmaus Entrepreneurship Program (EEP)

The EEP is a 4-day program that gives you a good understanding of the foundational principles, functional components, and business plan components to Biblical Entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneur Community

A network of connected entrepreneurs and CEOs whereby lives are shared and friendships fostered.

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