Our Story

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back…”

Isaiah 54:2

Nehemiah and I, together with our wives and another business lady were in Chicago September of 2014, as part of an international delegate of FCCI pre-conference tour. After listening to a powerful story of transformation that had impacted the local community, we were thoroughly inspired. A key enabler of this transformation has been the unique kingdom-based business school that produces kingdom-minded entrepreneurs.

Our team of 5 resonated well with what we saw. The command to enlarge our influence and not hold back compelled us to do something similar for Malaysia. By the end of the 2-week trip, God had planted the vision for such a thing in Malaysia.

Since then, God has moved us forward in wondrous ways. He brought the founding team members together, provided a 2000 sq ft facility, made available a Christian Entrepreneurship Program, and very importantly, touched our pockets and a few others to sow into this vision.

As a result, The Encubator was born to fulfill this dream of marketplace transformation through the multiplication of biblical entrepreneurs. We long to see within our lifetime, the flourishing of hundreds and thousands of Kingdom businesses that will strive to meet the quadruple bottom lines of financial, social, environmental and spiritual. These businesses, that carry the Salt and Light mandate, will eventually transform the marketplace from a culture of corruption to a culture of integrity and honoring God.

With fear and trembling, we asked ourselves ‘if not us, then who?’, ‘if not now, then when?’. Desiring to be good stewards, each of our team members responded to this call.

And now, we humbly ask you to join us in this exciting journey of allowing God to stretch you and discover what He has in store for you. Together we will see His name glorified!

By Dr. Lim Kah Hooi on behalf of the Encubator Core Team

Encubator Core Team

Transforming the marketplace through multiplying Biblical Entrepreneurs.

To equip entrepreneurs with Biblical Principles and Practices at every phase of the Organization Life Cycle.