A unique opportunity for selected students from the Emmaus Business School program who have businesses that are not only profitable but also strive to fulfill kingdom objectives to be connected with potential investors when the need arises. By bringing together the right entrepreneurs and potential investors, the success of these businesses could be dramatically enhanced, thereby contributing to the process of transforming the marketplace.


Angel Investor

We believe many business people are keen to use their resources (time, talent, experience and finances) to make a difference for God’s kingdom. Our vision is to transform the market place by raising the next generation of entrepreneurs who are committed to doing business based on biblical values and principles in Malaysia.

Most people invest for optimal financial returns. Angel investors are no different, except that they are interested in both financial as well as Kingdom returns. Ultimately, they want to see profitable and growing businesses that are being operated at high ethical standards. When enough of such businesses are established, we can expect a gradual but noticeable shift away from the entrenched culture of bribery and corruption.


We invite all potential Angel Investors to join our Entrepreneur Community which is a network of Christian business owners and professionals who come together to learn, share and journey with each other. 



Students from the Emmaus Business Program will be prepared and supported in developing their business concepts and plans based on Biblical values and principles. Their businesses will be reviewed by our facilitators to ensure they meet the criteria for business viability and kingdom impact. Selected students will then have the unique opportunity to be connected with potential investors when the need arises.

Angel investor


We will help to identify investors who share the vision and aspirations of The Encubator, and who are willing to coach the entrepreneurs to ensure that both the financial and kingdom objectives are met. Beyond the funding aspect, we want investors to take an active interest in guiding and advising the entrepreneurs. The ideal investor would be one who can also be a business and spiritual mentors to these entrepreneurs. However, if an investor is unable to play this role, we may assign a suitable coach to the business.

guidance & support

Apart from the facilitation role in the funding, selection and coaching process, The Encubator will also provide guidance on the proper remedial actions in the case of a disagreement between entrepreneurs and investors, or in the event of a business restructuring or even failure.

This program aspires to multiply Kingdom impact which includes but is not restricted to Environment, Social Responsibilities and Governance. In fact, Kingdom impact further encompasses social and spiritual influences through ethical business practices, "salt and light" witnessing, as well as through involvement with church or community work.


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