Business Mentoring Program (BMP)

The BMP is a 12-month program that provides an environment for peer learning facilitated by an experienced Business Coach covering topics that are crucial in stewarding a business that will honor God.

As a Christian Business Owner in the marketplace, you have every opportunity to bring influence and change to your organization and industry.

Course Highlight

You will connect with other Christian Business Leaders from a diverse range of industries. Together you will spur one another towards transforming your businesses and industries for the glory of God.

What You’ll Learn (Topics Covered)

Indispensability of Compelling Core Values.

Shining Lights.

a) Staying on Course with C12’s Five-Point Alignment Matrix.

b) Where Does Jesus Show?

a) Improved Hiring through Upfront Testing.

b) Walking in the Spirit at Work.

Diligence – A Key to Order.

The Role Reality Paradigm.

a) What…Me Worry?

b) What’s Your Leadership ‘IQ’?

‘Back to the Basics’ in Workplace Ministry.

To Be Well Spent.

Two Fundamental Decisions.

a) Thorns & Thistles.

b) Systematically Defining Our Business Model.

A Yearly Audit.

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