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The CEO Roundtable is a collaborative effort between The Encubator and The C12 Group, the largest Christian CEO organization in the US. We are the sole licensee of C12 in Malaysia and Singapore.

The CEO Roundtable is designed to equip Christian CEOs and Entrepreneurs to build great businesses for a greater purpose.

Course Highlight

The CEO Roundtable program provides an environment for peer learning and one-to-one coaching by an experienced Coach.

With this program, you will connect with CEOs and business owners from a diverse range of industries. Together they work to transform their businesses and industries for the glory of God.

There are three categories of CEO Roundtable that are grouped based on the size of their businesses.

Four Foundational Pillars

The group meets one day a month to help one another with business and personal issues. You will receive feedback on your toughest decisions from other fellow CEOs and entrepreneurs. Generic issues relating to businesses and Biblical principles in business will also be discussed.

One-to-one sessions are held monthly with an experienced business coach who will help you to explore issues and opportunities in-depth. The coach also serves as your sounding board and holds you accountable for your agreed upon actions. As and when appropriate, the coach will pray with you for your business and personal life.

*Optional for Key Player.

Each month, a set of relevant content with a common theme will be made available. They cover three areas: Devotion, Business and Ministry. Each of these are accompanied by meaningful video clips and group discussion with valuable takeaways. The content is carefully curated by the C12 Group which is the largest Christian CEO organization in the US.

Gain access to a rich library of videos, ebooks, business tools and templates exclusively for members. There are also teachings based on Biblical principles shared by successful Christian business leaders and conference speakers. Decades of experience are captured in audio and video materials, all available at your fingertips.

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