Emmaus Entrepreneurship Program (EEP)

The EEP is a 4-day outreach program that gives you a good understanding of the foundational principles, functional components, and business plan components to Biblical Entrepreneurship.

It is based on 3 books produced by The Encubator, summarizing the syllabus covered in a 7-month Entrepreneurship Program by Emmaus Business School.

Course Highlight

To help you with your entrepreneur journey, we will provide you with EEP’s 3-book series.

We have included in each subsection an exercise for personal reflection and group discussion.

The books are a condensed version of our 7-month Entrepreneurship Program by Emmaus Business School syllabus.

What You’ll Learn

1.1 The Biblical View of Work, Money, Business and Entrepreneurship
1.2 Entrepreneurship as a Calling
1.3 Why Money Matters
1.4 Ownership and Stewardship
1.5 Restoring Godly Values and Culture in the Work Environment
1.6 Summary

2.1 The Purpose and Structure of Business
2.2 Sales and Marketing
2.3 Product Development
2.4 Human Resource
2.5 Finance and Accounting

3.1 The Value of Planning, God’s Sovereignty and Planning
3.2 The Business Model
3.3 The Business Plan
3.4 Financing the Business
3.5 The Pitch Deck

Additional Info

  • Learn the biblical view of work, wealth and entrepreneurship and how it relates to them as an entrepreneur.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of their own personal calling and how it relates to entrepreneurship.
  • Have a better grasp of the “bolts and nuts” of running a successful business.
  • Produce a draft copy of their business model which they can use to write their business plan.
  • Church Pastors and Leaders
  • Christian Business Owners
  • Christians Involved in Business as Mission
  • Believers in New Business Startups
  • Believers Thinking of Starting a Kingdom Business
  • Experienced business leaders.
  • Matured Christian leaders who are also active in ministry.
  • All facilitators are certified by the course developer, The Encubator.

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