EBS - God and Employees

Jonathan Oh sharing his story.. Joey Teh as interviewer and facilitator

The EBS has just 2 more modules to go before participants develop their business plan which will be the culmination of their 9 months course.

In the current module on God and Employees, participants looked at what God commands the entrepreneur about his employee and what He commands the employee about his employer, the entrepreneur.

Peggy Lim reviewed the Scriptural commands relating to employees:

1. Treat employees fairly -Col 4:1 2. Work has its wages-Rom 4:4 3. A worker deserves his wages-1Tim 5:18 4. Pay fairly according to agreement-Matt 20:1-16 5. Do not oppress or abuse them: Deut 24:14, Jer 22:13, James 5:4

"Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don't want to" - Sir Richard Branson

Joey Teh shared on compensation and benefits. God views non-compliance to pay workers as agreed upon as oppression-Malachi 3:5

Most progressive corporations are moving away from compensation systems to reward systems.

In the Bible, there is no evidence that pay is based on incentive -but it is clearly based on performance. The new HR strategy is to transform compensation into rewards which are designed to incentivize performance!

Major components of rewards and recognition scheme are: -Bonus -Increment -Promotion

Two resource speakers were invited to share their life experiences with the participants. Jonathan Oh who started Supplycart, an online shop that supplies office supplies from stationery, snacks to premium products, shared about his entrepreneurial startup experiences, how it all began and the workhappy culture he has established in his company. SupplyCart is experiencing rapid growth and aims to be the biggest online office supplies in Malaysia. Cheryl Lee of Sothys shared about her employee development and caring programs in her company.

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