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Are you an upcoming and budding young CHRISTIAN Entrepreneur? Trying to enter the business world but afraid that you’ll that you will be inexperienced to face all the trials and temptations of the real world without a proper role model. Then feel free to join The ENCUBATOR.

THE ENCUBATOR (Entrepreneurship Incubator) is an ecosystem set up to multiply and nurture Biblical Entrepreneurs in the business arena. Its aim is to create a community of Biblical Entrepreneurs who will build kingdom businesses that will transform the marketplace in the Economic, Social, Environmental and Spiritual realms. For this reason, THE ENCUBATOR is designed to serve the needs of established business owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs.

This follows the Bible verses of Isaiah 54: 2

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back…”.

It was founded by six founding members, each well experienced in his or her own field, which are Dr Lim Kah Hooi who is a professional coach for CEOs and business owners for the past 20 years. He held positions in senior management including the role of General Manager and Managing Director. He is also the National Director of FCCI (Fellowship of Companies for Christ International) Malaysia.

Ir. Dr Nehemiah Lee who has ventured into the global market, exporting its ‘Reinforced Soil’ technology to Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia and India.

Joey Teh, who is the Managing Director of a boutique Premier Regional HR Consulting Company that was established since 1998. He works very closely with senior leadership of his client companies and specializes to develop talents from his huge network of middle to senior management level. He also provides career coaching for executive level leaders for C suite roles across major industries and sectors.

Peggy Lim who has worked in various US multinationals in different functional areas to train and consult with different SMEs in the area of Leadership and HR Development.

Yeoh Chui En a tax professional and a member of MIA, MICPA and CPA Australia. He articled with KPMG KL, where he worked for 11 years, before joining an international oilfield service company on international assignments in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the US for more than 20 years

Raymond Yap who has 30 years business experience and was the global CEO of an MNC. He served as chairman of OM Malaysia for 15 years and is the co-founder of Business for Transformation (, an international initiative to mobilize business professionals into mission by using business solutions to address the economic, social, environmental and spiritual needs of poor communities.

They also have a spiritual advisor in Rev. Wong Fong Yang a pastor for 29 years. Rev. Wong is one of the founding directors of Kairos, a research organization in Malaysia. He sits in the Board of Advisors for several Christian organizations (MAP, Wawasan Penabur). He is also the chairman of Issachar Sdn. Bhd. which has published Christian Education materials for youths.

So how did this all start? It began when Kah Hooi and Nehemiah and together with their spouses and another business lady were in Chicago September of 2014, as part of an international delegate of FCCI pre-conference tour. After listening to a powerful story of transformation that had impacted the local community, they were thoroughly inspired. A key enabler of this transformation has been the unique kingdom-based business school that produces kingdom-minded entrepreneurs.

It resonated well with the 5 of them. The command to enlarge our influence and not hold back compelled them to do something similar for Malaysia. By the end of the 2-week trip, God had planted the vision for such a thing in Malaysia.

Since then, God has been moving forward in wondrous ways. He brought the founding team members together, provided a 2000 sq ft facility, made available a Christian Entrepreneurship Program, and very importantly, as they put it, “touched our pockets and a few others to sow into this vision”.

As a result, The Encubator was born to fulfil this dream of marketplace transformation through the multiplication of biblical entrepreneurs. Their goal is to see within their lifetime, the flourishing of hundreds and thousands of Kingdom businesses that will strive to meet the quadruple bottom lines of the financial, social, environmental and spiritual. These businesses, which carry the Salt and Light mandate, will eventually transform the marketplace from a culture of corruption to a culture of integrity and honoring God.

As Kah Hooi put it:

“With fear and trembling, we asked ourselves ‘if not us, then who?’, ‘if not now, then when?’. Desiring to be good stewards, each of our team members responded to this call”

The Vision that guides the ENCUBATOR on is:

Transforming the marketplace through multiplying Biblical Entrepreneurs.

THE ENCUBATOR is divided into a five components to support the vision of Marketplace transformation. Business owners and aspiring Entrepreneurs can benefit from:

EMMAUS BUSINESS SCHOOL which is an ecosystem designed to develop Biblical Entrepreneurs with the mission to transform the market place Economically, Socially, Environmentally and Spiritually. If this resonates well with you, and you want to be equipped with Biblical Principles to run your business in today’s world.

CO-WORKING SPACE CRADLE is a working space with support facilities especially for aspiring entrepreneurs with start-up companies. It is located in the heart of Subang Jaya at Subang Square. Entrepreneurs can rent this space at an affordable rate to work productively and conduct effective team discussions.


provides unique opportunities for individuals to invest in businesses that are not only profitable but also strive to fulfil kingdom objectives. These kingdom businesses are the products of graduates from the Emmaus Business School (EBS). “By bringing together the right entrepreneurs and investors, we will dramatically enhance the success of these businesses, thereby, contributing to the process of transforming the Marketplace”. This programme aims to provide a platform for funding by connecting Biblical Entrepreneurs with Angel Investors enable young or less experienced entrepreneurs to receive business and spiritual guidance from more experienced business people

The CEO³ ROUNDTABLE is a program that provides an environment for peer learning and one-to-one coaching by an experienced Coach. With this program, you will connect with CEOs and business owners from a diverse range of industries. Together they work to transform their businesses and industries for the glory of God. ​There are two categories of CEO³ Roundtable which are the Entrepreneur Roundtable and CEO Roundtable.

Lastly the ENTREPRENEUR COMMUNITY is a network of connected entrepreneurs and CEOs whereby lives are shared and friendships fostered. It is a space where iron sharpens iron; market information exchanged and mutual support rendered. It is a community of faith, hope and love – a centre of transformative influence, working out in the market place.

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