AMA - Ask Me Anything talk that was.

May 16, 2017


The AMA - Ask Me Anything about being a CEO and a coach of CEOs session on Sat, May 13th was a great success.


A group of young CEOs and aspiring CEOs attended the talk. Kah Hooi shared his personal journey and experience in running a multinational company and coaching CEOs the past 20+ years. Topics covered included :


o Serving Leader vs Controlling Leader (Matthew 20:25)
o Person of Character vs Person of Charisma
o Called by God vs Driven by Circumstances
o Be Faithful vs Be Successful
o Be Different Than vs Be Better Than
o Seek first the Kingdom of God vs Seek first my little Kingdom
o Stewardship of God's creation vs Ownership of my Accumulation


He also answered questions from the participants on what it means to be serving people.


Feedback was very good.. One participant, Sabrina Lim said :

"It was really good... it helps me to realign on how to apply bible principles into business.  I look forward for more events in the near future".



Next talk at the Cradle will be on Sat, June 10th.. Watch this space and stay tuned.

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