Touching Lives One Haircut at a Time

Lex Low of OTHRS Barbers and recent Emmaus Business School graduate, shared the story of how God touched his life and his business with an audience of 23 people. It was a very heartwarming and inspiring look into following God's calling and everyone that attended was tremendously blessed. A good time of fellowship and food followed after and a good time was had by all. Here are some thoughts on the event by one of the Encubator founders, Peggy Lim.

These are my takeaways from the Coffee Chat with Lex:

1) A Life Led by God is a Life of Adventure

Lex started hairdressing at 16. He hit a crossroad 10 years later, took time out to attend Bible school and even contemplated doing something else. However God spoke and Lex obeyed the call to use his business as a platform for ministry. And as they say, the rest is history.

As Lex surrendered his pair of scissors and barbering kit, God led him from one faith adventure to another. It was wonderful listening to such powerful testimonies such as the lady who walked up to him and literally gave him a blank cheque to start a salon at Dignity. God saw a young man willing to "put his hands to the plough" and "by the sweat of his brow", put in many hours cutting hair for the homeless, training orang asli and going into the jungle to serve the villagers. I believe God is very pleased with Lex’s lifework and that the adventure of a lifetime is just beginning for him.

2) A Learning Posture is Critical for Continuous Life Improvement

I first met Lex a year ago when he attended a Coffee Chat we organised at the Encubator. Barely a couple of minutes into hearing his story, I encouraged him to consider our Emmaus Business School which was designed for millennials like him. When Lex joined our March 2018 intake, I had a chance to observe Lex through the 9 months of the programme and I was particularly impressed with his learning posture. During the final business plan presentation session, I invited Lex to do a Coffee Chat having heard little snippets of his story. I had a hope that the people who come may hear firsthand about how the Emmaus Business School has helped Lex in running his business the way God intended. I am very glad that I was able to listen to his story, as well as everyone else that was present. I was so deeply inspired and humbled by this young man. The number of lives that have been impacted through his ministry; from the orang asli to the homeless and the poor, as well as the global impact of his trainees going to places such as old folks' home and hospices. Through the amount of social media coverage and press releases, it is evident that Lex has already accomplished so much in his young life. And yet there was no blowing his horn, so to speak, a learning posture was still maintained. Lex is teachable, and I believe he has gained much from the Emmaus Business School as a result.

3) God is Able to Multiply the Fruitfulness of a Life Surrendered Fully to Jesus

How many apples will an apple seed produce? Only God knows. After listening to Lex share one impactful story after another of how he used a pair of scissors to bless so many lives, I believe Lex’s fruitfulness will be a hundred fold. Only God knows exactly how many lives Lex has touched for the better as he seeks to continue impacting the community, Touching Lives One Haircut at a Time. Well done, Lex!

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