Understanding Emerging Technologies

Technology is an application of knowledge that expands human abilities. Through the centuries, the human race has expanded on its technological capabilities - we are now living in a society where these advances are not only inevitable but increasingly prominent in many aspects of our lives. With the constantly evolving nature of technology, it is vital that we embrace and adapt to the plethora of emerging and existing technologies out there.

Jason Lee, Executive Committee member and Board of Director with NEM Foundation as well as Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2018 listmaker, took time out of his busy schedule to stop by the Encubator on a Saturday morning for a Coffee Chat to share his thoughts on Understanding Emerging Technologies.

By providing many insightful examples and personal experiences, Jason was able to keep the audience of 35 people engaged throughout the talk. He was also able to provide more understanding on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) while sharing his life story with us. There was also a 30 minute Q&A session where Jason fielded some questions from the audience. It was a very interactive and thought-provoking session.

At the end of the talk, Jason was presented with a plaque and couple of books as a token of appreciation for his time. Lunch was served after, presenting the attendees with the opportunity to network and interact with Jason as well as each other.

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